Framed by the majestic scenery of the Andes Mountains, at the foot of the Cordón del Plata mountain range, Vallecitos is a charming place at any time of the year.
The area combines snow-based recreational activities with mountain climbing and high mountain horseback riding.
In the coldest seasons, Vallecitos is one of the best places in the country to learn how to ski or go mountain climbing. Its shelters are all near slopes of varying difficulty, which makes Vallecitos a natural winter sports school.
During summer, the activities never stop in Vallecitos, since it is the perfect place for adventure tourism, ecotourism and climbing. You can also go mountain climbing in the Andes Mountains and participate in training and acclimatization activities. Its shelters are occupied by climbers from all over the world arriving in Mendoza to climb to the summit of Cerro El Plata and its nearby mountains (Morenas Coloradas, Cerro San Bernardo, Cerro Lomas Blancas, Cerro Mesón Colorado), as well as by those brave enough to take up the challenge of ascending the mighty Aconcagua with an altitude of 6962 meters.


The resort is located in the town of Luján de Cuyo, at approximately 3000 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Cordón del Plata mountain range. Visitors can reach the resort by taking the Panamericana Route (Nacional No. 7) and then the Vallecitos exit from Potrerillos.

It is divided into clearly marked areas according to base elevation, fertile lowlands and hanging ravines belonging to the San Antonio shelter. There are easy, intermediate and difficult ski slopes, with an area of 100 hectares. The snow at Vallecitos is dry, compact and powdery.

The total area suitable for skiing, which is divided into 12 ski slopes, has 4740 meters.

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